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How the magic happens

Studies found that individuals are 95% more likely to complete a goal when they have a specific accountability appointment with someone they’ve committed to.

That means just by you clicking the button to book a free focus hour, you’ve already turbocharged your productivity.


minutes to state goals

When the Zoom call starts, everyone in the group will briefly state what they plan to achieve by the end of the focus hour.


Minutes of flow

Mics will be muted and cams stay on during the duration of the 50 minute period while deep work is accomplished.


Minutes to Report Back

The last 5 minutes of the session will be to report back to the session guide, confirming focus goals were achieved.


Anyone who wants to get more things done in less time. It is especially beneficial for people with ADHD who struggle following through with task completion.

To minimize distractions once deep work has begun, its recommended that you show up at least within 5 minutes of the focus hour you booked.

Whatever you want to get done!

Pro tip: Choose 1 task and focus on that (monotasking) to optimize productivity, since multitasking is actually just task switching and distracts you from deep work.

There are going to be days when you’re simply just not feeling like having some strangers see your face. Totally relatable.

Having your cam on is not required but it’s strongly encouraged if you’d like to get the focus boost that comes with accountability work.

The sessions are not recorded and there is zero tolerance for any in

Nope! You can lay low if you want, nobody is going to ask you to talk or turn on your camera or do anything. At the very least you may want to state your focus goal in the beginning of the session but that is up to you.

For the duration of the 50 minute focus time, all mics in the Zoom session are muted.

Not unless someone’s idea of deep work involves watching strangers be productive! That means no, nobody is going to be watching you. Everyone in the session is there to focus on the work they committed to doing. You can minimize the Zoom window if you’d like.

Start getting anything done!

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