Tony Ramella | ADHD Coach

Your ADHD Brain is Hard Wired for the Entrepreneurial Path

Entrepreneurs with ADHD have a remarkable advantage by not allowing failures to deter us. Like a determined hunter who faces adversity in the wilderness but presses on with extreme determination, entrepreneurs with resilience embrace challenges and transform setbacks into valuable lessons, which drives our path to success in the business world.

Start an Online Business For Free By Selling Your Knowledge

The core of adopting a hunter mindset is building a dynamic life for yourself where you are free to explore your interests and optimize your creative flow by working your own hours. This might sound like a pipe dream but the good news is, in the new digital economy, you can start your own business […]

How to Scale Your Business Without Burning Out

Always be thinking at least 3 steps ahead. Automate as much as you can to avoid burnout. If you have no idea where to start, list the things you want to make easy for yourself and start there.