Tony Ramella | ADHD Coach

How to Become Irreplaceable Against AI

We are drowning in an endless sea of information, being bombarded by spam disguised as content and information. But amidst all the noise are valuable gems, waiting for you to extract them and redistribute to others who are facing the same problem.

Your Message Is the Medium

It is your creative energy and curiosity that produces the medium of your message itself. That means your communication medium is you. Nobody else can express your message the way that you do, which makes your medium of communication a personal monopoly.

How Boredom Enhances Creativity

Ever find yourself mindlessly scrolling through social media, just to avoid boredom? It turns out you may be robbing yourself of your own creative fuel.

da Vinci’s Notebook Shows Us How to Learn Like a Polymath

da Vinci the ADHD polymath

Leonardo da Vinci is considered one of the most multi talented individuals ever to live. Did you know it is strongly believed he had ADHD? A recent study by 2 neuroscientists looked at some details of da Vinci’s life and found that his tendency to procrastinate and not complete projects can confidently be attributed to […]