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For hyperfocused note-makers

Turn your notes into income generating knowledge assets

Launch a newsletter business powered by your notes in 42 days.

I will teach you how to turn your curiosity into income by creating valuable notes to solve problems and fuel creative outputs for a brand that scales with your novel interests.

Pre-Enrollment ends on June 17th when the course starts.

A note from your instructor (Tony Ramella)

I’ll be real with you. I’m not here to make some clickbait guarantee you’ll make $10,000 per month after taking a 6 week course. I won’t rebrand any existing systems or programs with my own language to act like I invented them. What I will do is teach you the simple, time tested note-making skills that enabled me to:

  • Gain over 50,000 social media followers in 2 years
  • Build a 5-figure newsletter business in 1 year
  • Generate 61M+ impressions in the past year
  • Go from 0 to 1.5k YouTube subscribers in 90 days
  • Reclaim my focus to become a mindful creator instead of a mindless consumer
  • Help thousands of divergent thinkers organize their digital life and write valuable notes in Obsidian

If you don’t think any of this is possible by creating meaningful content from valuable notes, this is not the program for you. What I am here to do is teach you the skills, systems and strategies to monetize the ideas that enter your mind every day. How much you can earn is up to you.

Zettel Monetizer is the course for you if:

Write your way to freedom
in the future of learning

We are in the midst of a digital renaissance. 

People are drowning in information while starving for knowledge as they mindlessly consume memes and entertainment that the algorithms serve them. This has created a unprecedented demand for a new career path. 

The world is in desperate need of synthesizers; those who can focus their minds to filter out the noise by learning and sharing valuable knowledge to those seeking it. 

Zettel Monetizer will teach you how to unlock this unique path that favors the curious divergent thinker.

Welcome to the future of learning. The global e-learning market is estimated to grow to $648 billion by 2030. Imagine getting just a tiny slice of that pie just by following your curiosity. 

That is all possible in the digital renaissance and I’m here to show you how.

What other note
makers are saying

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  • Develop a personal philosophy and strategy for your using your second brain
  • Integrate mindful productivity tools, systems and strategies that work with your ADHD brain, not against it
  • Establish a meaningful organizational system that scales without overwhelm
  • Zettelkasten setup the right way as the creative engine that will generate value while enhancing your learning
  • Identify your selection intent to consume information faster and retain knowledge more effectively
  • Become a purposeful curator to capture ideas with intent and avoid information overload
  • Develop a capture workflow with tools and systems to maximize value and relevancy of your notes
  • Reference manager setup inside and outside of Obsidian – identifying and implementing a method that compliments your workflow
  • Mine for gold with source notes to optimize the quality of your knowledge extraction
  • Unleash serendipity by cataloging your sequences of thought using folgezettel
  • Distill captured ideas into your own words more effectively
  • Create valuable main notes as intellectual assets ready to be published
  • Make your notes more discoverable with simple and effective methods that stood the test of time
  • Do more thinking and less searching with index notes the Niklas Luhmann way  
  • Turning your knowledge into a niche with your unique experiences and novel interests
  • Launch a streamlined ADHD friendly online business with free and easy to use tools
  • Brand naming and design made simple
  • Create your first lead magnet as a valuable freebie to gain authority and trust
  • Build a landing page that looks better than most websites without any technical skills
  • Drawing content from your zettelkasten to save time, energy and effort from writing scripts
  • Connecting knowledge to solve problems
  • Leveraging your unique experiences and knowledge to make yourself irreplaceable
  • Getting your first testimonials to build authority and prove the value of your knowledge
  • Creating a digital product to sell your knowledge and make a meaningful impact 
  • Content creation strategies for to avoid burnout by repurposing and crossposting
  • Selling without being salesy by providing non-coarsive education and support
  • Writing viral hooks with your notes to accelerate audience growth
  • Newsletter marketing with purpose that will build authority and make an impact on your readers

Maximize your
return on Attention


Extract knowledge from the world by identifying valuable ideas, guided by your curiosity.


Relate your unique knowledge and experience across multiple areas of interest to solve problems.


Share your valuable insights with the world to provide impactful solutions that are worth

Zettel Monetizer

Course Pre-Order

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$ 100
  • 6 modules with instructional videos: Learn at your own pace
  • Bonus video archive: 10+ hours of second brain tutorials and instructional videos
  • Weekly Office Hours: Livestreams for Q&A and support with access to previous recordings for the first 3 modules
  • Instant access to the Flow Labs community with live support throughout the duration of the course
  • 30-day money back guarantee

answers to your questions

That is perfectly fine! Zettel Monetizer uses strategies and systems that are based on neuroscience that is especially effective for people with executive function difficulties. Since we all experience ADHD-like symptoms to varying degrees, this program is built for anyone interested in monetizing their note-making with a brand that scales with your curiosity.

You will still be able to join but enrollment will increase to $149. This is to encourage enrollments prior to the course starting since it will be more difficult to catch up once the weekly modules are released.

New modules will include instructional videos, links to resources and further readings. The modules will be taught live every week in an interactive livestream starting on the launch date and will follow up with a live Office Hours session later in the week.

All course material and communications will be facilitated in the Flow Labs community.

The length of each module will vary from anywhere between 1-2 hours.

You will receive a full refund if you are unsatisfied with the course and community after 30 days. Email and the refund will be issued immediately.

You will gain full access to the Flow Labs community for the duration of the course. If you’re still getting value from Flow Labs, you will have the option to renew at the discounted rates of $19 monthly or $197 annually.

All tools, apps and services used throughout the course are free with the option of a paid plan once your audience starts to scale. If you apply the lessons in this course, you can have an automated online business with the potential to make your first sales without spending another dime.

Upon enrollment, you will gain instant access to the Flow Labs community which has over 10 hours of instructional videos and exclusive resources. You will also be able to participate in live workshops, Focus Blocks (co-working sessions for deep work) and schedule your 1:1 coaching session with Tony.

The sooner you enroll, the more value you’ll gain from the community.

“It is not possible to think systematically without writing.” Niklas Luhmann