Tony Ramella | ADHD Coach
Second Brain Pro - Obsidian Vault for ADHD

Second Brain Pro – Obsidian Vault for ADHD


This second brain Obsidian vault for ADHD is mindfully created to help you think better, learn faster and create value. 

Whats in the vault:

📅 Complete Daily Notes workflow​ (Journal Index, Weekly Review template and goal tracking)

🗒️ Over 100 sample notes to explore, learn and get inspired

🎓 Self directed mini-course on how to create valuable notes

🚀 Cheat sheets, tips and guides​ to get the most out of your second brain

🛠️ 20+ templates, dashboards and hubs​ to maximize workflow efficiency 

🎯 Todoist task management integration

🏠 Home dashboard – a central hub for your second brain

🗃️ Complete Zettelkasten workflow​ (50+ sample notes, guides and alphanumeric numbering system)

🔌 25+ pre-configured plugins​

📥 Quick capture integrations

🔄 Zotero integrations

✍️ Full creator’s suite​ to brainstorm and track outputs

❗30+ Custom Callouts​

🏔️ 13 beautiful themes​

🔥 BONUS: Effort/Impact Priority Matrix – leverage your energy to accomplish your best work

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